The Comprehensive Guide To

Helping Mamas Thrive

The virtual course that equips healthcare providers and students  to empower moms to thrive in just 4 Days!

Dr. Katherine Sylvester

Will Show You How....

To safely and holisticaly treat moms in their homes from pregnancy throughout motherhood. 


Course Times and Dates

8am-2pm on Saturday, September 18th and 25th

2pm-8pm on Sunday, September 19th and 26th

Course Cost


Register early! You receive a 10% discount off of the course cost if you register by August 18, 2021. After August 18th, the course cost will go back up to the regular price of $600.00. I hope to see you in class!

For Years, She Has Been Changing Lives  In The Classroom and In The Community

"Katherine is an amazing resource for mamas “new” and “old!”....I would recommend that EVERY postpartum mom at least have a consultation with her because the information that she has to share is invaluable for even the most textbook pregnancy, delivery and recovery!"

Mamie Knight-Simmons

Owner, iStroll Macon

"Thank  you so much from the bottom of my heart for creating such a unique and special learning oppportunity for us. I feel so much more confident in serving this population and in shedding light on the importance of treating this population. You are such an inspiration and joy radiates from you. I am so happy to have learned the value and importance of actual comprehensive care."

Anna Cook


"Thank you so much for the incredible effort, dedication and consideration you put into our experience. The knowledge that you imparted to us is priceless and I will forever cherish the ethical and compassionate wisdom you gave us. Your love for being a mother and for mothers is apparent and I know your clients are blessed to have you working with them."

Caitlyn Sumrell


By The End Of This Course, The Goal Is To Have You Confidently Working With Mamas, Even If You Do Not Know How Or Where To Start

The Comprehensive Guide To Helping Mamas Thrive

This course was developed with mothers who have been treated for over a decade in mind and in response to hearing PTs and PTAs say that they learned a little bit about treating women in school, but don’t feel like they know enough to go into a mother’s home. This course empowers practitioners to give moms the guidance and education they deserve throughout pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period which just so happens to be the rest of their lives.

With a case study at the end that challenges the student to complete an episode of care from initial contact through the second home visit, students leave this course with the tools that they need to help moms return to who they were physically, mentally, emotionally and intimately so that they can be the best version of themselves.

Learn Dr. Sylvester's Approach To Holistically Treating Moms

You will learn how to instruct a mom in the best way to prepare for delivery, the safest positions to assume during delivery, things to do while in the hospital, ways to protect her body while gently rehabilitating it, what to expect during the first 6 weeks, how to safely return to fitness and work and how to get back into shape years after having her baby.

Learn How To Help Moms Prepare For Delivery

In this course, you will learn:

  • how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy and how to help her navigate those changes
  • how to help a mom be as fit as possible for delivery
  • how to help a mom prevent vaginal tearing during delivery

Learn How To Help Moms Work Through C-Section Issues

In this course, you will learn:

  • how to help a mom protect her incision
  • how to mobilize and teach a mom how to mobilize her scar
  • how to prevent moms from getting the C-section pooch
  • how to address the numbness and decreased intensity of orgasms that can result from scar tissue

Learn How To Help Moms Return To Their Pre-Pregnancy Condition

In this course, you will learn:

  • how to assess a mom’s diet and prescribe an exercise routine that is tailored to her
  • how to analyze a mom's bladder and exercise habits to prevent or address leakage
  • how to identify postpartum depression and help restore confidence 

Learn The Pelvic Floor Essentials

In this course, you will learn:

  • how the pelvic floor interacts with the rest of the body so that you can retrain it properly
  • the pelvic floor's role in sexual function
  • the pelvic floor's role in low back and pelvic pain, urine leakage, diastasis recti and core weakness 

Earn Continuing Education Units

Get 40 hours in this course as you equip yourself to help moms thrive throughout motherhood.

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In This Class You Will:

  • Describe different positions that can be assumed during delivery to minimize the risk of vaginal tearing
  • Identify red flags to look for when treating a mother within the first six weeks of delivery
  • Correct improper body mechanics and baby handling techniques
  • Explain how the brain, hormones and structural changes that take place during pregnancy and after delivery can impact sex
  • Develop a home exercise program for a mom to be performed during the first 12 weeks of delivery
  • Perform the components of a return-to-fitness assessment for a mom who has been cleared by her OBGYN to return to activity
  • Develop an exercise program for a mom who has been cleared by her OBGYN to return to activity
  • Progress an exercise program for a mom who has abdominal muscle separation
  • Analyze a bladder diary and provide recommendations to improve bladder health and minimize leaking as a result of the analysis
  • Know the difference between a scar and an adhesion, the complications of not addressing scar tissue and the precautions to consider as it relates to scar massage
  • Assess a scar
  • Demonstrate the proper technique for scar desensitization and mobilization within the first 3 months
  • Demonstrate the proper technique for scar tissue massage for scars that are over 12 weeks old and/or have adhesions
  • Develop a home exercise program to address the restrictions identified during the scar massage
  • Individualize a care plan for a mommy client from initial consultation through the second treatment session.

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